At Amphenol, we believe that making sustainable choices in the way we conduct our business creates short-term and long-term value for our shareholders.  Each of Amphenol’s businesses seeks to continually improve the way it designs, sources, manufactures and delivers its products, striving to meet or exceed customer expectations for product stewardship throughout the value chain. Our businesses make safety and environmental protection a top priority, and manage those programs in accordance with recognized standards such as ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. But certifications and legal compliance are not enough. We do not create long-term value by merely complying with regulations.  We must go beyond compliance to find ways to green our operations and our products if we are to realize the maximum return on our investments and ensure continuity of the material and human resources that we need to operate the business.

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To read about how we are integrating sustainability throughout our businesses, please and submit to regular audits of global operations, in order to demonstrate our social and environmental performance. 

Amphenol continues to improve our sustainability by identifying ways to get closer to our ever-higher goals. We take this responsibility seriously and welcome your feedback and questions at sustainability@.