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全民彩票官网下载1119 Splices RMT

Amphenol Air LB France In-line junctions 1119 series are available in 1 to 4 contacts versions, for copper or aluminum cable contacts, and also exist in components carrier versions (diodes, resistors or fuses inserted). Fully sealed, compact, thin and easy to use, they are perfectly suited in a cable harness, to easily insert a component and change a signal, or simply to repair a damaged wire.


Main features :

• RMT applications
• Conform to NFF 61-017
• Thin design
• Overmold Technology offering excellent sealing performances
• Fire/Smoke/Toxicity conform to EN45545 (HL3 R22)

全民彩票官网下载12X InfiniBand

High Speed Cables

全民彩票官网下载1900SIM Connectors RMT

Amphenol Air LB France 1900SIM is a modular, multifunctional rectangular connector. It consists of shells and modules, which together create an integrated solution, supporting advanced signal and power requirements at a fraction of the space. Its flexibility and simplicity during design and operation, makes 1900SIM a competitive alternative for a wide range of applications. They come in composite version for weight saving applications.


Main features :

• RMT applications
• Space efficient & modular design
• SIM modules in overmold Technology
• Versatility of mixing & matching RF (Quadrax, Triax, Twinax and Coax), Fiber Optics, Signal & Power
- Available in standard crimp contacts (#8 to #23)
• Fire/Smoke/Toxicity conform to EN45545 (HL3 R22)

全民彩票官网下载1977 Connectors

Amphenol Air LB France 1977 Composite rectangular connectors are available with various contact arrangements. Includes sizes 20 to 8 crimp removable contacts for Copper cable.Standard and Overmoulded rear grommet and interfacial seal. Configurable keying and locking posts providing 36 options.


Main features :

• For RMT applications
• Comply with RMT standards
• Overmold Technology offering excellent sealing performances
• Fire/Smoke/Toxicity conform to EN45545 (HL3 R22)

全民彩票官网下载4X InfiniBand

High Speed Cables. 

全民彩票官网下载A Series

Our A Series™ is a line of heavy duty plastic rectangular & circular connectors, which include AT, ATP, ATM and AHD Series™, and have key placement in all areas of Heavy Duty 全民彩票官网下载, Agriculture, Marine, Automotive, Military, Alternative Energy and other demanding interconnect applications. Based on superior build quality, high-performance capabilities and developed to be compatible with all other existing standard products industry-wide.



全民彩票官网下载ACA-B Series

Amphenol ACA-B connectors are designed for commercial and industrial applications requiring a reverse bayonet style coupling device for high power and/or signal. Similar in design to a MIL-DTL-5015, ACA-B’s are a quick, positive mating type of connector perfect for markets such as factory automation, robotics and process control equipment. Amphenol’s ACA-B series has proven itself valuable in the military ground vehicle and alternative energy markets because of its low cost, high reliability design.

全民彩票官网下载Thermometrics Accusolve Diesel Particulate Filter Soot Sensor DPF

The Accusolve Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Soot Sensor utilizes radio frequency technology to enable accurate measurement of accumulated soot in the DPF, providing real-time soot loading data and real time closed loop control of the DPF regeneration process. Accurate measurement of the soot load allows for the optimization and reduction of regeneration cycles of the DPF. This in turn allows for improved fuel economy and improved filter life for active and passive regeneration systems.

By Amphenol Advanced Sensors | Thermometrics, Inc.


  • Accurately and continuously measures soot loading (g/L) within a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and through filter specific algorithms providing a (g/L) reading so the OEM can maintain closed loop control of the DPF regeneration process

  • System cost reductions available due to reduced DPF size and type of materials used

  • Allows multiple regeneration strategies

  • Enables accurate reading of partial regeneration

  • Factory calibration of the sensor via CAN prior to shipment

  • The sensor electronics enclosure dimension is 100 mm x 150 mm x 30 mm.

  • 4 sensor configurations available include coaxial cable lengths of 1.0 m, 1.5 m, 2.5 m and 3.0 m.

全民彩票官网下载Thermometrics Active In Car Temperature Sensor (AIT)

The Active In Car Temperature Sensor provides in-cabin temperature measurement for vehicles that have an automated temperature control system to improve temperature accuracy, cabin comfort and efficiency of the vehicle's temperature control system.

By Amphenol Advanced Sensors | Thermometrics, Inc.



  • Existing field proven design
  • Fast response
  • Accuracy maximizes driver/passenger comfort
  • Ultra-low noise, high air flow optimised system design
  • Coreless-type motor
  • Small size & flexible packaging facilitates installation & service
  • Low current consumption
  • Long-term stability – even in extreme humidity environments
  • Alternate RvT curves available
  • Available with/without humidity sensor
  • Electronics integrated into one assembly with the temperature sensor
  • Different geometries to meet package requirements
全民彩票官网下载ADGC Series

Amphenol DaeShin’s ADG Series connectors are used principally in rail mass transit and heavy industry applications. Their main characteristic is the fast and precise coupling of the receptacle and plug connectors. Three bayonet ramps on the receptacle allow for the fast and perfect mating with only a one quarter turn of the coupling nut. They withstand exposure to moisture, oil and vibration.


Amphenol DaeShin’s AMHTC Series (Amphenol High Tension Connectors) are primarily used for railway vehicle installable power distribution systems. They offer the ultimate in safety and reliability under the most severe operating conditions. The AMHTC series connectors allow the user to connect electrical equipment quickly with ultimate safety. AMHTC is available in two standard formats, which allow complete hook up through the standard daisy chain principle.


The Amphe-Power® Series consists of three of the time-tested and reliable families of Amphenol Industrial Connectors, all of which are MIL-5015 styles, medium to heavy duty cylindricals. This series, enhanced with RADSOK® sockets, can now handle up to 50% higher amperages. Current Amphe-Power® product lines support from 50A to 1000A continuous duty.


ASGL is a circular bayonet locking connector which is mainly used in the transit rail industry and heavy applications.

Its main characteristic is the fast and precise coupling of the receptacle and plug connectors. It's sealed connector with water proof IP67, there are various type of codings for alternate positioning, it can withstand exposure to moisture, oil and vibrations & shocks.


ASGP is a power connector specially designed for rail vehicles receiving maintenance in the garage repair station when high circuit power is cut off. This IP67 rated connector has 4pcs of 18mm Radsok for power and 6pcs of 3.6mm spring wire sockets for signal. ASGP offers a wide range of current up to 500A and its rated voltage is 500V.


ASGTC is an environmental cylindrical reverse bayonet coupling connector with self-locking system, which guarantee a fast locking and unlocking. Designed for Railway and Mass Transit industry. GTC family is high performance, rugged sealed connector with water proof IP67 rated, robust shells for high temperature resistance and resistant to vibrations & shocks. Inserts are available in plastic. Contacts available in gold and silver plating. Zinc alloy plating available.

全民彩票官网下载ASGTC Quadrax

ASGTC-Quadrax is a special circular bayonet coupling connector for data line transmission in RMT application. IP67 rated, a self-locking system was specially designed in order to handle heavy duty applications. Q-contacts, with a copper body and Multipoints band inside the female contact, provide a 360º shielding. There are two type of Q-contact, #16 pins (Q4) and eight #20 pins(Q8), which provide data transfer from Ethernet, MVB, WTB and Video lines.


ASMF is modular rectangular connector, rack and panel connector. Approved to NFF 61032. Possible combination of signal and power contacts from 8 to 25A per contact. the series is applicable for railway racks, shelters, cabinets, power racks, modular equipments, automatic assembly machines.


ASRC-M Heavy Duty Modular Rectangular Connector, consists of rugged aluminum shell and frames and multiple-contact with many insert arrangement. High performance with polarization / guiding pins, resistant to vibration and shock. With shielding function.


ASTP is a rectangular connector with a lever mechanism. Its metal outer shell provides a strong resistance against vibrations & shocks. ASTP can be widely used for railroad-related vehicles, communication equipment and industrial equipment. Two kinds of contact: crimp type contacts and through-hole type contacts (pin side only for receptacle) for board connection.


ASVG is an enhanced version of the VG 95234 connector standard but remains completely intermountable with VG95234 : MS5015 reverse bayonet connectors. the insulator is retained into the plug or receptacle shell by a metallic retaining ring which can be removed with a small screwdriver. Once removed, user can define insulator orientation.

全民彩票官网下载A Series Group

Our A Series™ is a line of heavy duty plastic rectangular & circular connectors, which include AT, ATP, ATM and AHD Series™, and have key placement in all areas of Heavy Duty 全民彩票官网下载, Agriculture, Marine, Automotive, Military, Alternative Energy and other demanding interconnect applications. Based on our superior build quality, high-performance capabilities and having been developed to be compatible with all other existing standard products industry-wide, our A Series™ products are perfect alternatives for you.

全民彩票官网下载ATHD Connector Series

The heavy duty ATHD connector series for size 12 and size 8 power contacts are sealed, single pole, in-line connection systems to replace splices and/or provide power wherever needed. These thermoplastic connectors are field installable and repairable and can thus replace expensive and unrepairable splices. The power connectors are ruggedized and designed for high vibration applications in the Heavy 全民彩票官网下载 and Mining markets.

Additional styles and custom solutions to mate to the ATHD plugs are available upon request, including higher temperature resin and seals for harsh fluid applications.

全民彩票官网下载ATM GROUP

ATM Series™ connectors are a high-performance, cost-effective solution specifically designed for smaller AWG applications, while still maintaining the strengths of the AT Series™ product line. * 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 12 positions available * 16-22AWG, 7.5A, Size 20 * High-performance, cost-effective * Superior environmental seal retention * Compatible with existing standard products industry-wide

全民彩票官网下载ATP Group

ATP Series™ connectors are designed as a high-performance, cost-effective, thermoplastic solution to be used within the Marine, Heavy 全民彩票官网下载, Agricultural, Automotive, Alternative Energy fields, as well as other demanding interconnect applications.

  •  2 and 4 positions available
  • 10-14AWG, 25A, Size 12
  • High-performance, cost-effective
  • Superior environmental seal retention capabilities
  • Compatible with existing standard products industry-wide

BJC, Spring clamps terminal block

The spring clamp connexion technic is nowadays widely used, and Amphenol owns a whole range of innovative & high quality spring clamps terminal blocks, offering to the user the suitable solutions for railways applications with 0.5 to 6 flexible stranded or solid rated cross section cables.


BJL, Fast on type terminal block

As the clip type connection is widely used, Amphenol produce a whole range of push on type terminal blocks with 0.25 x 0.031 in tab blades. The nominal current can only be guaranteed when the clip is pre-insulated or equipped with additional insulation such as thermo-retractable sheath.


BJT, Stud type terminal block

This type of junction, which uses pre-insulated conductions, is usually preferred for large cross section cables. The contact surface given by this type of connector provides the minimum contact resistance and eliminates the risk of over heating. These products exist in different diameter from (M4 to M12) In order to provide high pressure contacts.


Amphenol board|mate connectors combine high power contact technology from Amphenol and PCB blocks from Wuerth Elektronik. Instead of soldering they are pressed in into the circuit board so the board is no exposed to high temperature during soldering.

全民彩票官网下载Aluminum Busbar - Power Distribution

Custom designed power conductor made from aluminum to reduce weight and cost 


  • Approximately a 20% cost reduction relative to copper
    • Cost stability
  • Approximately 50% lighter than copper (includes the extra volume)


  • Variety of plating options available
  • Can be designed to replace a copper busbar considering thermal & physical properties
  • Powder coating for safety
  • Single or multi-layer laminated 
全民彩票官网下载Copper Busbar - Power Distribution

Custom designed power conductor made from copper 


  • Space saving relative to aluminum  
  • Efficient thermal and electrical properties
  • Lower Insulation Resistance (IR) drop


  • Industry standard material (commonly used/accepted)
  • Versatile connection and configuration options
  • Variety of plating options available
  • Powder coating for safety
  • Single or multi-layer laminated